Suggestions for a Practical and Progressive Approach to Endoscopic Spine Surgery Training and Privileges

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Create Date May 9, 2018
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Progress within the various surgical fields has been facilitated by the use of minimally invasive procedures to achieve the same clinical outcomes as traditional techniques. Spine surgery is no different, and endoscopic spine surgery continues to demonstrate extensive applications while minimizing collateral tissue damage. Endoscopic spine surgery blends skill sets, technology, and clinical applications from both surgical spine and interventional spine. Clinicians from these fields have adopted endoscopic spine surgery. This has created a dilemma: there are now physicians providing surgical care who have not had formal spine surgical training. Some interventional spine practitioners are able to offer safe and effective endoscopic spine surgery, but training standards and practice standards are necessary for the field to progress. This article provides suggestions for a pragmatic approach to endoscopic spine surgery training and credentialing for physicians who practice interventional spine.

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