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The IITS (formerly IITTSS) is a 501C3 non-profit organization whose focus is on intradiscal therapy aided by the endoscope as the least invasive, visually-guided treatment for discogenic pain.

Our Aims


The International Intradiscal Therapy Society (IITS) was founded in 1987, originally headquartered in Belgium, Wisconsin, and led by Dr. Eugene Nordby, the first Executive Director of IITS. Members are primarily orthopaedic and neurosurgeons as well as anesthesiologists, radiologists, and rheumatologists dedicated to treatment, research, and education involving intradiscal spinal therapies.



In 2013, the society began operating under the name International Intradiscal and Transforaminal Therapy Society (IITTSS). In 2017, the society wanted to include and reflect the state-of-the-art updates in the discipline of spine surgery and added "Endoscopic" to the International Endoscopic Therapeutic Spine Society (IETTS). However, the society is still known as IITS and is now headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.



IITS sponsors workshops on intradiscal therapy, holds an annual meeting, and disseminates a newsletter to provide its membership, other healthcare professionals, and the general public information on the most effective techniques to treat conditions such as herniated nucleus pulposus and other intradiscal spinal disorders.


IITS is here to advance, evolve, and teach the intradiscal and transforaminal access to the lumbar spine as the least invasive, most effective technique for decompression, ablation, and irrigation of the lumbar spine as surgical pain management.

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