2015 ISASS Basic and Advanced Endoscopic and ASC-MIS Spine Surgery Cadaver Training Course

Minimally invasive decompression with interlaminar stabilization provides an alternative to spinal fusion for patients with significant preoperative back pain and moderate to severe lumbar spinal stenosis. Come see how adding interlaminar stabilization can augment degenerative facet joints and instability without the commitment of spinal fusion.

About the Course

Co-Chairs: Anthony Yeung, MD (IITTSS) and James J. Yue, MD (ISASS)

The trend and direction of surgical spine care is moving to MIS and ASC’s as the most cost effective avenues of delivery. This workshop by ISASS will update attendees on new instrumentation, new and proven state of the art surgical techniques by the original pioneer spinal surgeons from a renowned international faculty with experience and success in MIS.

More Information: ISASS/IITTSS September Course Agenda
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2015 ISASS Boston Conference

When: September 18-20th, 2015
Where: Boston, MA
Venue: Hyatt Regency

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