Asian Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques (ACMISST) announced its 4th chapter of its very exclusive and comprehensive global forum on spine health that will be held this year in Goa, India from September 24th – 27th, 2015 at Hotel Cidade de Goa.

ACMISST is a platform for spine surgeons to know the various developments in spine surgery and advancement in spine health technologies. The conference is jointly hosted by Asian Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (Asia MISS) Korea, and International Intradiscal and Transforaminal Surgery Association (IITTS), USA.

It is a one-of-a-kind platform where surgeons, physicians, scientists and other spine specialists from the spine care field get a great opportunity to discuss and acquire knowledge about latest techniques in the field of spine surgery from leading international experts.

The meeting also provides a platform to present the evidence, debate, and to discuss controversial topics about surgical and other procedures as well as the treatment of spine patients. It also has various sessions for conservative treatment and pain management.

2015 ACMISST Conference at Cidade De Goa, India

When: September 24-27th, 2015
Where: Goa, India
Venue: Hotel Cidade de Goa

The main change has been a shift in spine surgery from a morbid surgery under general anesthesia to stitch-less surgery under local anesthesia.

Minimal Access Surgery procedures can induce cost savings by eliminating the need for blood transfusions, shortening recovery time so patients spend less time in the hospital, improving outcomes so patients can return to work more quickly and allowing the procedure to move into the outpatient setting.

Spine care is changing to minimally invasive techniques and doing only what is necessary by zeroing on pain generators and following a new philosophy of targeting pain.

There has been much progress made in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, so ACMISST in GOA is going to be more exciting as this meeting will provide a dynamic platform on spine health technologies. This year it will intentionally take a leap into the future to unveil, explore and understand the Gen-NEXT in spine procedures and techniques with special focus on three main pillars of surgery of degenerative spine, namely Minimal Access Surgery, Pain Management and Stitch-less Spine Surgery under Local Anesthesia.

Dr. Ajay Krishnan
Chief of Live Surgery Day – ACMISST 2015
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Media Contact
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PR Consultant
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Course and Workshop Schedule

ACMISST 2015 has an extensive four day scientific program and will feature exclusive presentations, in-depth discussions and hands-on workshops to explore the focus points. It is the best opportunity for orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and spine surgeons of India to learn develop new skills and network with the best of the experts in this field. A special highlight of ACMISST 2015 will be the much reputed Cadaver Workshop at the Goa Medical College.

Key speakers

Dr. Anthony Yeung (Executive Director, IITTSS)
“Science and art of minimally invasive surgery has progressed over last 4 decades to awake and aware surgery tackling almost all problems in degenerative lumbar spine under local anesthesia. We now have viable alternatives to fusion in lumbar spine surgery.”

This meeting bridges pain management concepts with minimal access surgery principles. The meeting will benefit all participants and they will come away with new concepts and techniques for treating their patients with spinal pain. Dr. Yeung has 24 years experience in endoscopy and is one of the pioneers of the philosophy.

Dr. Gun Choi, Executive Director of ACMISST
Dr. Gun Choi, Executive Director of ACMISST has pointed out the finer developments in surgery. The surgery has become much more focused on pain causing pathology. He carries a combined experience of over 3 decades and is one of the main surgeons from world renowned Wooridul Spine Hospital Group from Seoul, Korea.

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